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RRAD Innovates Combat Communications

RRAD is preparing to deploy the first Security Forces Advise and Assist Team...


Commercial Truck Entrance Information - For directions call 903-334-3060

ASV (Armoured Security Vehicle) BEB (Bridge Erection Boat) Bradley FMTV (Medium Tactical Vehicle) 10,000 lb Rough Terrain Fork-lift HEMTT Wrecker HET (Heavy Equipment Transporter) HIMARS (High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System) HMMWV 70 Ton HETT (Heavy Equipment Transporter Trailer) M-ATV MRAP All Terrain Vehicle MLRS (Multiple-Launch Rocket System) MRAP MRAP CATII SEE (Small Emplacement Excavator) Tractor (Line haul truck)

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About RRAD

MISSION - Sustain the Joint Warfighter's combat power by providing ground combat and tactical systems sustainment maintenance operations.

VISION- To build and rebuild the highest quality vehicles at the lowest cost in the least amount of time- on time or ahead of schedule every time. We are here to serve and protect the Warfighter by our commitment to excellence in manufacturing.

The Army's only two time recipient of the Robert T. Mason Award for Depot Maintenance Excellence.